After 6 years of consistent pain in my lower back and upper shoulder, which significantly hampered my ability to perform to my full capacity as a Military Officer, Dr. Pete was able to isolate the problem and prescribe a regime of treatment, mobility exercises and stretching that has left me pain free.
I had tried multiple chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, yoga regimes, and physical therapy all without any positive long term effects. Yet now, after roughly 6 weeks of support, I am able to function without the pain I have felt for years. I also understand the origins of the pain, and what I can do in the future to prevent it, and treat further injury if the problem returns.
I can’t recommend Dr. Pete highly enough. He and his staff provided an environment that allowed me to ask questions, develop a greater understanding of the pain I used to experience, and be prepared to move forward from this experience healthy, happy, and ready to continue my career without the pain I have been dealing with for years.

R.S.Male, 37Lower Back/Shoulder

KC North’s methods have been successful when many others have failed. By breaking up years of built up scar tissue, my doctor was able to get to the root of the problem. After only three weeks of treatment I am able to move relatively pain free. Many thanks!

M.B.Female, 33Low Back and Hip Pain

In mid-June I woke up and felt excruciating pain in my right hip as soon as I stood up. Either sitting or laying down were the only positions that reduced the pain. I sought help at two different chiropractors, acupuncture, a medical doctor, physical therapy, all to no avail. Upon hearing of the Spine & Joint Center I gave them a call and made an appointment. The first two appointments did not result in any significant relief. However, during the third appointment, Dr Casey had me lay down and roll on a device several times. As soon as I stood up I realized a real improvement in my hip. After a couple more treatments the entire hip pain was gone and I have been able to resume my normal and regular life style. I highly recommend the KC North Spine & Joint Center for anyone with serious difficulty.

A. C. M.Male, 73Hip Pain

I had recently started working out at Title Boxing Club in Parkville, MO, and was really enjoying it. But after going there for a couple of months I started to notice pain in my lower back, and whenever I would try and do sit-ups or jumping jacks it got worse.
One day I woke up and could hardly stand up straight and found it difficult to walk. I had pain and numbness that went down my entire right leg and into my foot. I had seen one of the KC North doctors at Title Boxing Club a couple of times and decided to give her a call. She said I had an inflamed disc that was putting pressure on a nerve, which is what caused all of my pain. My doctor really took a lot of time and really stretched me out using ART (Active Release Techniques) and minor adjustments. She also took the time to show me stretches that I could do at home. It took a few visits, but after about a month I was finally able to get back to working out.

A. R.Female, 33Low Back Pain

I bent down to tie my shoe one night and got this really sharp pain in my lower back that radiated to my groin. I had to go to work the next day which was very painful. As a nurse, I do not bend over much but I could not even bend over to give a baby her pacifier while she was sitting in the swing. I had never been to a chiropractor but after talking with some of my colleagues it seemed to be the best idea. My first appointment was good. Dr. Hildebrand informed me he did some things different than other chiropractors. He used manipulation along with ways to get you out of pain such as stretching and taught me exercises that would strengthen your back so this problem will not occur again. After the first real visit, I could bend down and touch my toes without being in pain. After my fourth visit my pain was completely gone even when I woke up in the morning. I will continue to do my strengthening exercises and also know how to get out of pain when ever need be. Thank you Dr. Justin for helping me to get back to my old self prior to my painful bending down experience.

N.C.Female, 26Lower Back Pain, Buttocks/Groin Pain

Dr. Justin did a great job of relieving my initial pain and showing me, over time how to exercise the problem areas. He explains everything he does and what it helps with. Dr. Justin was very understanding of my exact complaints and made sure I knew how to avoid these issues. Dr. Justin and the rest of the staff are very compassionate and caring. They were always able to get me in to see them in a timely manner.

L.E.H.Female, 50Lower back, Leg, Neck, and Shoulder pain

Being an equestrian for over forty years and professional for last twenty-six years doesn’t happen without its share of injuries. I teach and train at Sue BD Stables in the Parkville area. While equines could be dangerous; I have never had any serious injuries from horses, but I do get the occasional shoulder pulls, plantars fasciitis, lower back issues and ankle rotations. I also am a mother, a runner, practicing Martial Arts, and not only work with horses but dogs as well in other words I am an active forty-five year old. I absolutely don’t have time to be laid up with a long term injury I know that a serious injury could happen but with soft tissue injuries I need to heal and get back to my busy life as soon as possible. The KC North Spine & Joint Center has help me get back to my life which if I had ignored my injuries they would of not only been a nagging long term issue but I probably would of ended up in surgery. Thank you KC North Spine & Joint Center for helping me heal, feel good and enjoy life.

D.S.Female, 45Shoulder Pain, Rotated Ankle

I injured my shoulder years ago while exercising. It became a reoccurring issue and I injured it even further last year. I spent over six months of “taking it easy” and seeing other doctors. Nothing worked until I started getting adjusted at KC North Spine and Joint Center. My shoulder pain is gone and I can exercise without any pain.

Additionally, I had hip surgery over ten years ago and my left hip would pop at random moments while walking. It worsened over the holidays from the extensive travelling (sitting in a car for over 40 cumulative hours, across country). I immediately booked an appointment after I returned and after a few adjustments, I no longer feel discomfort in my hip.

This is the third chiropractic office I’ve been to in Kansas City and I’ve finally found one that is professional, friendly, family-oriented, and best of all…… effective. I am now a believer in getting adjusted and am thankful that I’ve finally found a place that can provide me some relief!

J.R.M.Male, 35Shoulder Pain

I have had Plantar Fasciitis since February 2010. Within the past 3 years I have seen two different podiatrists, had physical therapy, acupuncture, purchased custom orthotics, worn only tennis shoes for several months and have not been able to be as athletic as I have been in the past. My feet have dictated my entire life! I would have periods where they would get a little bit better, but if I had a flare up it would take about 2 or 3 weeks to get them feeling okay again. I would typically have to be on a steroid to bring down the inflammation. In April the Running Store off of Barry Rd. recommended KC North Spine & Joint Center. I called and spoke to Jessica and made my first appointment.
Dr. Pete is phenomenal! He told me I would see major improvement in 6-8 treatments; it took only 6 treatments and my feet feel the best they have in 3 years. Dr. Pete takes his time with his patients and gets to know your condition and know you as a person; he truly cares about your recovery. I now go in every 4-6 weeks just as maintenance.

S.J.Female, 43Plantar Fasciitis

When I came to Dr. Pete I was having trouble moving as it seemed my lower back was locked up from scoliosis. After 10 visits, just like Jessica promised, I was able to move better & certainly have mobility again!
I exercise frequently but had dropped off before Dr. Pete & now again I can move around. I will definitely be on a regular maintenance plan with Dr. Pete!!

J.L.L.Female, 58Back Pain