Our Approach

Conservative Care

Ask yourself, when has a doctor ever put their hands on you as a form of treatment? If you are like most people, then the answer is never. The reality is that treating muscle and joint pain with hands-on, manual therapy is what the body responds to best and the majority of the time that is all that is needed to resolve a condition. Hands-on care is precisely the type of therapy that we utilize at KCNSJC. We don’t use the invasive prescription medications, injections or surgeries that have somehow become the standard for treating the simplest of problems with the muscles and joints. All of those forms of treatment have many and sometimes major side effects, but hands-on manual therapy has virtually NO risk or side effects.

Our Passion

We opened KC North Spine & Joint Center because we:

  • Possess a true passion for helping patients
  • Believe patients deserve a better option than what has previously been given to them
  • Recognize the need for our services in the Northland community

Enabling The Body to Heal Itself

The body has the ability to heal itself and does so quite well on a daily basis in each individual. But sometimes the body is prevented from healing itself effectively, either by a repetitive stressful activity or becoming overwhelmed with cumulative injury, and the result is pain in one or more areas of the body. What we do at KCNSJC is simple: to help fix what is preventing the body from healing itself. Once that is accomplished then the body takes over and continues to take care of itself like it is supposed to and you can continue living your life.

More Than Chiropractors

At KCNSJC, we believe in empowering patients to take charge of their pain. That is why we always give patients specific things to do on their own that will help resolve their condition as they are being treated and help prevent it from returning.

Our Doctors are Chiropractors, but let’s clarify a few things. At KCNSJC:

  • We use effective treatment methods that aren’t offered at most other chiropractic offices and we don’t use many of the passive treatment modalities that other chiropractic offices typically use.
  • We do NOT prescribe extended treatment plans or open-ended treatment plans that cause you to be over-committed financially. Once your goal for relief or performance has been met, then we are done.
  • We have impeccable ethical standards and we will not try to take advantage of you or try to sell you anything.