Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I go to KCNSJC versus my family doctor for back, joint or muscle pain?

Our Doctors have advanced training and experience in treating aches and pains of the muscles and joints without the use of prescription medications, expensive machines or risky surgery. Family Practitioner and Orthopedic providers rarely receive this training. We strive to find a solution to your problem, rather than just cover up the symptoms. And because we use only hands-on therapy and rehabilitative exercise, our treatments are the safest option that is available to you.

What can I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit you will receive a comprehensive, functional exam that will evaluate joint motion, muscle tension and function, as well as gait analysis or other dynamic tests. Simply put, we try to isolate the specific pain-generating tissue so we know what to treat and also find the muscle imbalance that led to that tissue becoming painful so we can help you fix the real problem and prevent it from returning. X-rays are not normally needed for the average patient, but are required when a significant injury is suspected. All imaging will be performed at an offsite location that is most convenient to you.

The first visit usually takes about an hour and therefore the patient is asked to arrive at the office 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork so the entire hour can be used in the treatment room. Paperwork can be downloaded by clicking here, filled out at home and brought into the office at the time of your first visit.

The first visit typically has an abbreviated treatment in order to test your sensitivity level to the hands-on therapies that we utilize, and then full treatment will start on the second visit.

What does treatment consist of?

At KCNSJC, we provide each patient with a unique combination of Chiropractic adjustments, Active Release and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, Rehabilitative exercise, and health education. Each patient is different and so is their combination of treatment. Conditions are usually resolved in 6 – 10 visits. Click HERE for a full list and further explanation of our treatment methods.

I’ve heard that once you start going to a chiropractor, you always have to go back. Is this true at KCNSJC?

No! Returning patients to their active lifestyles in the shortest timeframe possible is one of our primary goals. We base our care on the patient’s individual needs and case complexity, not on predetermined or open-ended treatment plans. The end of treatment usually depends on reaching activity and performance goals set by the patient and the Doctor. Once that goal is met, then treatment is done.

Does treatment ever hurt?

The phrase “no pain, no gain” does not apply to the treatment at KCNSJC! At first there can be some mild discomfort during treatment because we are trying to create change in the painful tissues, but it is typically short-lived. We do our best to limit the discomfort during treatment. Often times, patients will describe treatment as feeling good during the actual treatment. And, of course, the ultimate goal is to make you feel better!

Can you help someone who has a herniated disc or who has had back/neck surgery?

Yes! Herniated discs are only symptoms of long-term muscle and joint dysfunction that we actually specialize in treating. If your symptoms have returned even after having back or neck surgery, then the surgery clearly wasn’t the solution! Unfortunately, there is now an official diagnosis termed “Failed Back Surgery” that indicates there is no further medical treatment that can help. Because our hands-on approach is the safest option available, then even if you’ve had surgery we can still help! Rest assured that because our treatment approach is hands-on and non-invasive, we cannot make your condition worse!

I have been told that surgery is the only option left for my muscle/joint condition.

Sometimes surgery is unavoidable and can be life-saving. But often times surgery is the last resort to treating a condition that has not responded to other medical treatment. So the surgery is essentially exploratory, and every surgery has risk because it is so invasive. Even “minimally invasive surgery” still requires that they cut you open. We give free consultations for patients to come and speak with us if they are unsure whether our treatment at KCNSJC is appropriate for their condition. If you’ve been told that surgery is your only option, then it is worth your time to come speak with one of our Doctors to see if we might be able to help your condition and delay the surgery or avoid the surgery altogether!

I’ve already had surgery, but my pain is returning and I don’t want surgery again. Can you still help?

Yes! Failed surgeries can be a little more complicated, but we treat them with success on a regular basis at KCNSJC. If you’ve had surgery and your pain is returning, then the surgery clearly wasn’t the solution so that makes our conservative treatment all the more appropriate!

Is it safe for me to visit the Chiropractor if I am pregnant?

Absolutely!!! Our Doctors are experienced and have advanced certifications in evaluating and treating the expectant mother as her body changes to accommodate the birthing process. Due to the effects of certain hormones, soft tissue work and rehab exercises are often more beneficial than adjusting, resulting in significant symptom relief for the mother, both during pregnancy and during the birthing process. Our Doctors are trained in research-proven, pregnancy-related pain relief treatments which are completely safe for the baby!

Pregnant women are often not allowed to take certain medications for the discomfort of low back, mid back, or pelvic pain. Our Doctors will work hand-in-hand with your OB/GYN to provide a safe, natural and drug-free alternative to help alleviate the pain.

I already see/have seen a chiropractor and it hasn’t helped my problem.

We provide specific therapies in addition to the traditional chiropractic adjustments, in particular, Active Release soft tissue technique and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization which help with things like tendinitis. We are one of the few offices in the Northland that offer instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization and our Doctors are currently the only certified Active Release Techniques providers in the Northland. We have many patients who come and see us for a specific complaint while continuing to see their normal chiropractor. We even have some chiropractors that refer us their patients for specific conditions that Active Release and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization can help with!

I’m training for an event (5k, marathon, triathlon, etc.); can you help while I train and will I have to stop training during treatment?

Yes, we can still treat you even though you are in training. And no, we will NOT tell you to stop training! Usually we can help resolve a patient’s problem even if they are in the middle of training, but sometimes we are just able to help manage it during training so that you can make it through your event and once the event is over and training calms down, then we can help resolve the rest of issue.

Conservative care vs. invasive care.

The idea behind “conservative care” and “invasive care” has been skewed quite a bit in the public’s eye. At KCNSJC, we say that we provide conservative care which means that we use only hands-on therapy and rehab exercise that doesn’t involve medication, injections or surgery and therefore there is virtually NO risk involved. At a medical office, they consider surgery as invasive and anything less than that, like steroid shots and prescription medication, as conservative. All of those are actually invasive because they put chemicals in your body or they involve cutting through your skin and there are many, and sometimes major, risks involved. At KCNSJC, we provide true conservative care and, in our experience, it provides more effective and long-term results.

Do you take my insurance and what will it cost to get treated at KCNSJC?

Please see our Fee Schedule page for more info regarding this subject.